North Star Elementary School

About North Star

Ask students what they want from a school, and they might ask for awesome teachers and fun activities. Ask parents what is important to them and very likely they will ask for a safe school and rigorous academics. North Star Elementary School is able to accommodate all of these desires.

  • Our pre-k programs are designed to meet the needs of four-year old children with a child centered environment.
  • Our curriculum is rich in technology as well as an Extended Learning Program, programs for tiered intervention, and excellent teachers combine to create a successful school with high expectations.
  • Our after school program is focused on structured educational activities.
  • We are able to collaborate across all levels of learning with multi-aged pods as mini-learning communities.
  • North Star Elementary enjoys high achievement levels due to implementation of research based practices, quality professional development, high expectations, peer coaching, parental involvement, a strong dedicated staff, and partnerships with local businesses and the university.



1545 North Morton Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

Phone: 801.578.8448
Fax: 801.578.8445


Nathan Elkins

Adrienne Lobato
Assistant Principal

Enrollment: 604
Open Enrollment Status: Open


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