Hawthorne Elementary School

About Hawthorne

Hawthorne Elementary School is a school of problem solvers. By collaborating with each other, we all grow, knowing that two heads are better than one. The goal of Hawthorne is to provide an optimal learning environment for all Hawthorne community members.

  • Hawthorne houses one of the district's Curriculum & Assessment Labs. This program is multi-aged and includes a first-second class, third-fourth class and a fifth-sixth class.
  • The school is one of three magnet Extended Learning Program schools serving gifted elementary students in the district.
  • Teachers are highly trained, and several are earning their National Board certifications.
  • Hawthorne has an exceptional K-6 visual arts program and an outstanding after school program.
  • Hawthorne is a Gold Medal School and a participant in the Reading Road to Success program.
  • Hawthorne parents are encouraged to become involved, to support high academic achievement, and to volunteer in the classrooms.



1675 South 600 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Phone: 801.481.4824
Fax: 801.481.4927
Website: hawthorne.slcschools.org


Marian Broadhead

Enrollment: 433
Open Enrollment Status: Open


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